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VC Market in Brazil

Brazil flag

Brazil flag

Venture Capital Firms like Effi Enterprises have long existed inside and outside the US. As the global market is expanding and undeveloped countries are beginning to enter the technological age, investment opportunities are opening up around the world. As an entrepreneur, Efraim Landa understands the need for capital to help an emerging business get off the ground, or make expansions. VC firms have been watching the global economy in search of regions that were previously not conducive to investment opportunities and waiting patiently for them to open up. Sometimes venture capital firms are hampered by high interest rates or various regulations that make VC funding impossible or unprofitable. However, Brazil has the 6th leading economy in the world and is quickly becoming an ideal location in which to invest. Read the rest of this entry

VC Market in Africa


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Venture capital firms desire to invest in startup or emerging companies which have the potential of making a large profit. The VC firm will offer a substantial investment in the company and in return they will have equity. Efraim Landa is a venture capitalist who will work hand in hand with a company and offer his expertise to them so that they can experience more growth and profits. The goal of a VC firm is to bring valuation to a company until the company is able to make its initial public offering. (IPO) These practices have been in operation for many decades and have in recent years begun to stretch out across markets in regions around the world. Many underdeveloped regions have made huge strides in progress over the last few years and Africa is among them. Read the rest of this entry

VC Market in Asia

Hong Kong

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Efraim Landa is the founder of Effi Enterprises which is a venture capital firm. Effi enterprises helps emerging businesses find valuation and provides experienced guidance along the way. Like most venture capital firms, they are looking for strong entrepreneurship which they can support and help add value to until the company can go public with its offering. Effi Enterprises has a good deal of success especially when comparing it to other venture capital firms. One reason for their success is Efraim Landa is an entrepreneur himself and can offer skillful guidance to others who struggle with the same startup issues he has in the past. Asia is one area that has been opening up to VC funding over the last few years and there are more VC firms in the region than ever before. Read the rest of this entry

VC Market in North America


North America

North America

Venture capital firms are becoming more numerous around the globe. The VC industry is seeing growth because of the many startup businesses and entrepreneurs continue to spawn innovative ideas but lack funding to proceed. A VC firm such as Effi Enterprises, founded by Efraim Landa, offers the capital funding needed for a growing business. This is often a substantial amount of money that is invested in the company which has an above normal potential for growth in exchange for equity in the company. The general idea behind venture capital firms offering capital for companies is that they will be able to have an IPO within the next 10 years. Innovative thinking and entrepreneurship can be a huge economic boost to a region and has been key to many successful businesses in North America. Read the rest of this entry

VC Market in South America


South America Map

South America Map via

Efraim Landa is the founder of Effi Enterprises which is one example of the many venture capital firms in existence today. Effi Enterprises works closely with emerging businesses to help them secure funding for growth or improvement. They also offer venture capital opportunities to businesses that develop technologically advanced health care equipment. Efraim Landa is an entrepreneur and understands the obstacles and difficulties faced by those needing funding to startup or expand their business. Venture capital firms have been in existence for a very long time and are presently having more of a global impact. VC in South America has drawn from other regions of the world such as the US and Europe. Read the rest of this entry

VC Funding to Expand Your Business

Business Financing

Business Financing

It is certainly not an easy task to seek out a venture capital firm. Many businesses have spent numerous hours and lots of money trying to obtain this type of funding only to come up short. This is simply because they are not yet in a position to seek VC funding. How do you know when it is time to seek help from a VC firm? Read the rest of this entry

Successful Companies Started During a Recession



Recession Sign

“Recessions are bad for business” is not an understatement by any means. The US has endured approximately 47 recessions since 1790. However, recessions although difficult to live through, especially for the venture capitalists, have turned out to be profitable for some very unlikely companies which got their start during one. Actually, some of the companies that are now household names were initiated during very rough economic circumstances. According to The Kauffman Foundation one study found that over half of the Fortune 500 companies of 2009 had been launched during a recession or at least during a bear market. Here are just a few examples of well established companies which got their start during a recession. Read the rest of this entry

The VC Market in England

Flag of England

Flag of England

England has deep roots in the Venture Capital market. Venture capital appears as early as after the Second World War. General Doriot in UK founded the Technical Development Corporation, and did so in 1962. Then come year 1965, European Enterprises Development (EED), set up in Paris. EED was very successful regardless of the times and the drastic measures of our economy downfall. Venture Capital firms had a few ups and downs thereafter, as did everyone else, however, from 1977, the EEC started to study the market and was seeking frivolously after high tech start-ups. Seems like nothing has changed, right? Read the rest of this entry

The VC Market in Germany

Flag of Germany

Flag of Germany

Germany’s venture capital market is soaring in measures never seen before. Efraim Landa, business financing guru, has been watching the trends in Germany and can steer you in the needed direction for VC funding. Start-ups need two things to be successful, ideas and money! German businesses have both, ideas and money, so it works. German investors are pouring out more money for innovation. In countries where the economy is doing well off there are investors who can and want to buy companies. If it’s a recession in a specific country, investors will avoid risks. At this time things are going well, and Germany’s investors are doing well. Read the rest of this entry

The VC Market in China

Flag of China

Flag of China

China is well known for their boom in the internet market, for every Zappos or Groupon there is a Chinese replica.  China has the world’s largest Internet market. Year 2003 Chinese companies went public and did very well. Overseas investors were very excited and wanted to be a part of the big boom that China was benefiting on. One would think that China would be untouchable in declining funds in the VC Market, wrong!

For China, venture capital investments fell to an all time low this year from the last 6 years, as reported by Dow Jones VentureSource, unprofitable companies going public too soon have scared away many oversea investors. Oversea VC firms aren’t throwing funds into Chinese start-ups as much as once before. “The reason the venture capital market dried up is because the exit market is not there,” said Tim Chang, managing director at Mayfield Fund. 2012 saw fast declines: a 39 percent decline in investment deals and a 56 percent decrease in VC investment compared to the first quarter of 2011. Read the rest of this entry