The State of the Private Equity Market

The private equity market is showing great promise for 2015 and beyond. The choices for new ideas and business concepts are seemingly endless, the entrepreneurs are eager to get their start-ups running and the loan rates are relatively low. Investors have the potential to make huge profits from smart new tech companies that aim to […]

Successful Companies that Got Started with Venture Capital

When a business starts up, usually the largest challenged that the founders will face is securing funding to keep it going long enough to get it off to a great start financially. Effi Enterprises is a venture capital firm which helps supply entrepreneurs and emerging businesses with the funds needed to reach the next level […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever watched “Shark Tank” on television? The entrepreneur, sometimes knowledgeable other times not, is trying to persuade venture capitalists to invest in their emerging business. They are pleading for monetary help to expand their business or market a product. Even with this type of publicity, the world of the venture capitalist can be […]

The US VC Market and the health IT industry

US investments in Venture Capital have taken a strong liking to health IT sectors in recent years. Interesting enough, Efraim Landa, of Effi Enterprises, has a huge passion for the health IT sectors as he does for investing. discusses, Venture capital firms investing over $633 million into medical software and information services in 2011 […]

The VC Market in Germany

Germany’s venture capital market is soaring in measures never seen before. Efraim Landa, business financing guru, has been watching the trends in Germany and can steer you in the needed direction for VC funding. Start-ups need two things to be successful, ideas and money! German businesses have both, ideas and money, so it works. German […]

The VC Market in China

China is well known for their boom in the internet market, for every Zappos or Groupon there is a Chinese replica.  China has the world’s largest Internet market. Year 2003 Chinese companies went public and did very well. Overseas investors were very excited and wanted to be a part of the big boom that China […]

The VC Market in India

This year has been a bit rocky for the VC market in many countries, India isn’t alone. Even though times are rocky, it is still a good time to take a look at businesses that are doing well in this economy and those star-ups that are built on innovation and fulfilling a dire need in […]

The VC Market in Russia

Russia is a big player in the funding of Venture Capital today. Country to country we see VC markets fluctuating up and down in this recession that has hit each of our homes one way or another. Efraim Landa watches these trends closely, leading those who need business financing to the right private equity funding. […]

The VC Market in Israel

Today’s economy and the history of Venture Capital play together in a very important role. VC firms are getting smarter as the recession hits us all from our wallets to the bank. Efraim Landa is an expert in this market, and can lead you to being accepted in VC funding regardless of these changing times. […]

The VC Market in the US

We all are fully aware of the state of our current economy. Some of us, as individuals, have been greatly affected and many businesses have failed or even have struggled vastly in these last few years. Regardless of those that lose ground in a recession, fact remains, many companies still thrive because there is still […]