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VC Market in Asia

Hong Kong

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Efraim Landa is the founder of Effi Enterprises which is a venture capital firm. Effi enterprises helps emerging businesses find valuation and provides experienced guidance along the way. Like most venture capital firms, they are looking for strong entrepreneurship which they can support and help add value to until the company can go public with its offering. Effi Enterprises has a good deal of success especially when comparing it to other venture capital firms. One reason for their success is Efraim Landa is an entrepreneur himself and can offer skillful guidance to others who struggle with the same startup issues he has in the past. Asia is one area that has been opening up to VC funding over the last few years and there are more VC firms in the region than ever before. Read the rest of this entry

VC Market in North America


North America

North America

Venture capital firms are becoming more numerous around the globe. The VC industry is seeing growth because of the many startup businesses and entrepreneurs continue to spawn innovative ideas but lack funding to proceed. A VC firm such as Effi Enterprises, founded by Efraim Landa, offers the capital funding needed for a growing business. This is often a substantial amount of money that is invested in the company which has an above normal potential for growth in exchange for equity in the company. The general idea behind venture capital firms offering capital for companies is that they will be able to have an IPO within the next 10 years. Innovative thinking and entrepreneurship can be a huge economic boost to a region and has been key to many successful businesses in North America. Read the rest of this entry

VC Market in South America


South America Map

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Efraim Landa is the founder of Effi Enterprises which is one example of the many venture capital firms in existence today. Effi Enterprises works closely with emerging businesses to help them secure funding for growth or improvement. They also offer venture capital opportunities to businesses that develop technologically advanced health care equipment. Efraim Landa is an entrepreneur and understands the obstacles and difficulties faced by those needing funding to startup or expand their business. Venture capital firms have been in existence for a very long time and are presently having more of a global impact. VC in South America has drawn from other regions of the world such as the US and Europe. Read the rest of this entry

VC Market in South East Asia

Banker city of South East Asia

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There is no region in the world that has not experienced the influence of venture capital firms. One reason for this trend is that the VC firm likes to invest in various technologies and as its use continues to grow in popularity around the globe, it opens up more opportunities for VC firms like Effi Enterprises to invest. A VC firm will invest in a company that they feel has great potential and is likely to experience enormous growth. The idea is to fund the startup business to help it grow, and see it through to its IPO. This type of substantial investment is typically done by a VC firm in exchange for equity in the company. Until recently, South East Asia did not have the type of growth expected from a VC firm. But with recent technological advancements the region has become wide open to venture capital firms. Read the rest of this entry

VC Market in the Middle East

Middle East Banking

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Venture capital firms are spreading out across the globe as entrepreneurship makes a place for itself in today’s technology based world. Effi Enterprises is a VC firm which provides money to companies that have a good potential for exponential growth. Usually, these companies are innovative and cutting edge and are expected to go public within 10 years. There are more VC firms which are looking at the international community with an eagerness to fund those enterprises that they feel are going to take off. They will typically invest large amount of money in a startup or emerging business for exchange of equity in the company. This can be a huge boost to any economy and help increase employment opportunities in various communities. The Middle East is one of the regions that are being closely watched by VC firms who anticipate astronomical growth in the near future. Read the rest of this entry

VC market in Europe

Flag of Europe

Flag of Europe

Effi Enterprises is a venture capital firm that was founded by Efraim Landa. Over the years, venture capital has gotten a bad rap because its purpose is largely misunderstood. In simplest terms, VC is a type of funding which involves venture capital firms, like Effi Enterprises, investing large sums of money in exchange for equity in the company. As a general rule, venture capital firms look specifically for start-up or emerging companies which have an exceptionally large potential for growth. The plan is usually that the company should be able to go from inception to an IPO in 10 years or less. While there are very large risk factors and there are many which have failed, some of the more common names of companies that were funded by a venture capital firm include Apple, Facebook and Google. An entrepreneur has an idea, starts a business and simply needs the capital that can be provided by a VC firm. Read the rest of this entry

Frequently Asked Questions

VC Investment

VC Investment

Have you ever watched “Shark Tank” on television? The entrepreneur, sometimes knowledgeable other times not, is trying to persuade venture capitalists to invest in their emerging business. They are pleading for monetary help to expand their business or market a product. Even with this type of publicity, the world of the venture capitalist can be confusing. There are some questions which are asked over and over. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about venture capital. Read the rest of this entry

VC Funding to Expand Your Business

Business Financing

Business Financing

It is certainly not an easy task to seek out a venture capital firm. Many businesses have spent numerous hours and lots of money trying to obtain this type of funding only to come up short. This is simply because they are not yet in a position to seek VC funding. How do you know when it is time to seek help from a VC firm? Read the rest of this entry