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The VC Market in Canada

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Effi Enterprises is a venture capital firm founded by entrepreneur, Efraim Landa. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Landa knows firsthand the struggles of starting and funding a business venture. He established Effi Enterprises in order to provide VC funding for emerging businesses that can also benefit from his many years of successful experience. A VC firm provides capital for a business that has great growth potential. This investment offers a way of helping the business succeed while offering the VC firm a substantial return on their investment when the company makes its IPO. The goal is for the business to be able to move from its inception to the Initial Public Offering inside of 10 years. By that time the company should be able to be purchased at a large profit or offer its shares on the public market. Either way the VC firm stands to make a substantial profit for its investment in the company. Read the rest of this entry

Successful Companies that Got Started with Venture Capital


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When a business starts up, usually the largest challenged that the founders will face is securing funding to keep it going long enough to get it off to a great start financially. Effi Enterprises is a venture capital firm which helps supply entrepreneurs and emerging businesses with the funds needed to reach the next level of growth. A venture capitalist invests into an emerging company by purchasing part of the company. This is a relatively short term investment in a company with the expectation that the company will grow enough to bring in a sizeable return. Efraim Landa, who is an entrepreneur himself, invests venture capital into a start up business expecting that the company will experience this growth inside 10 years. There are many different businesses that use funding provided by a venture capital firm to help them reach a great level of success. Read the rest of this entry

Successful Companies Started During a Recession



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“Recessions are bad for business” is not an understatement by any means. The US has endured approximately 47 recessions since 1790. However, recessions although difficult to live through, especially for the venture capitalists, have turned out to be profitable for some very unlikely companies which got their start during one. Actually, some of the companies that are now household names were initiated during very rough economic circumstances. According to The Kauffman Foundation one study found that over half of the Fortune 500 companies of 2009 had been launched during a recession or at least during a bear market. Here are just a few examples of well established companies which got their start during a recession. Read the rest of this entry

How Google Got Funding

Sergey Brin and Larry Page, college peers whom didn’t like each other too much, both found a common interest in the idea of creating a solid way to search and find information on the internet.  Knowing there are endless amounts of information available on the internet, many could benefit by such a product and Brin and Page knew there was a dependable niche awaiting such a product. Despite any differences Brin and Page had, they knew their idea was grand and stuck together to create something we all use today, Google!



How would one get started on such a great invention as Google? Brin and Page, decided they weren’t going to spend millions of dollars, that they didn’t have anyhow, on advertising or on high-end equipment, but the funding they would receive would be used to buy motherboards and other components to inexpensively build computers themselves. They wanted to create a fully searchable database before searching backing for funding. Venture capital firms are for the big boys, and Brin and Page needed great amounts of funding to start their project but Brin and Page knew their plan had to be solid before going that route. Page and Brin created a beta version of their finial product and this allowed their search engine to speak for itself. Read the rest of this entry