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VC market in 2013


Mobile Technology


Efraim Landa is a venture capitalist who provides both funding and expertise to emerging companies. A venture capital firm typically works with a startup company that needs funding and support to handle those first turbulent years until they can make an IPO. When a VC firm invests in an emerging company it basically purchases a portion of the company in exchange for a profit that will come as the company matures. It is generally expected that a company will be able to transition from its inception to an IPO inside of 10 years with the average being somewhere around 5 to 7 years. The venture capital firm provides the necessary funds to keep the business running efficiently until the time when a profit can be made. Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists such as Efraim Landa also offer their working expertise to the business to help ensure their successful business venture. Many successful entrepreneurs have stated that the expertise that is gained from experienced businessmen is more valuable than the funding that was secured. Read the rest of this entry

How Google Got Funding

Sergey Brin and Larry Page, college peers whom didn’t like each other too much, both found a common interest in the idea of creating a solid way to search and find information on the internet.  Knowing there are endless amounts of information available on the internet, many could benefit by such a product and Brin and Page knew there was a dependable niche awaiting such a product. Despite any differences Brin and Page had, they knew their idea was grand and stuck together to create something we all use today, Google!



How would one get started on such a great invention as Google? Brin and Page, decided they weren’t going to spend millions of dollars, that they didn’t have anyhow, on advertising or on high-end equipment, but the funding they would receive would be used to buy motherboards and other components to inexpensively build computers themselves. They wanted to create a fully searchable database before searching backing for funding. Venture capital firms are for the big boys, and Brin and Page needed great amounts of funding to start their project but Brin and Page knew their plan had to be solid before going that route. Page and Brin created a beta version of their finial product and this allowed their search engine to speak for itself. Read the rest of this entry