What Makes an Entrepreneur?

  Entrepreneurs such as Efraim Landa may build very successful companies seemingly out of nothing but a good idea. To many it may seem as if they are simply great risk takers, but in reality there wasn’t one of them that ever said they set out to see if they could find the riskiest financial […]

Successful Companies Started During a Recession

  “Recessions are bad for business” is not an understatement by any means. The US has endured approximately 47 recessions since 1790. However, recessions although difficult to live through, especially for the venture capitalists, have turned out to be profitable for some very unlikely companies which got their start during one. Actually, some of the […]

The VC Market Today

In the 60s and 70s most venture capital firms focused their investments solely on starting and expanding companies. Most of the time, these were breakthrough companies that dealt in one way or another with technology whether it was electronic media, medical technology or data processing. During the early years VC was nearly synonymous with financing […]

VC Market in the 90s

The early 90s brought the emergence of venture capital and private equity asset classes out; but this came about through a series of cycles which included both booms and busts. The late 80s and early 90s gave us a savings and loan crisis, a real estate market collapse, and a wide variety of inside trading […]

VC Market in the 80s

There were many public successes in the venture capital industry as the 70s came to a close and the decade of the 80s began. During the 80s there was a huge increase in the activities and growth of VC investment firms. In the early 80s there were only a few dozen of these firms but […]

The US VC Market and the health IT industry

US investments in Venture Capital have taken a strong liking to health IT sectors in recent years. Interesting enough, Efraim Landa, of Effi Enterprises, has a huge passion for the health IT sectors as he does for investing. InformationWeek.com discusses, Venture capital firms investing over $633 million into medical software and information services in 2011 […]

The VC Market in England

England has deep roots in the Venture Capital market. Venture capital appears as early as after the Second World War. General Doriot in UK founded the Technical Development Corporation, and did so in 1962. Then come year 1965, European Enterprises Development (EED), set up in Paris. EED was very successful regardless of the times and […]