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Efraim Landa
Efraim Landa

Efraim Landa is a highly successful and experienced entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He has background of over 30 years of experience in medical devices and has an extensive working background in numerous health research and technological advancements. Efraim Landa has experienced numerous and tremendous achievements over the past 30 years; he is the founder and CEO of Effi Enterprises, GlucoVista, and host of other companies and with all this experience he has also acquired along the line of duty, he has also acquired a unique perspective in both his personal life as well as work life. Efraim has been able to design and develop cutting edge medical devices and technologies with his huge level of experience, education and knowledge. Mr. Landa’s medical devices are being used all over the world in many of the top medical institutions, and this has earned him much respect from his colleagues and also the medical community as a whole.  To say that he has changed the medical world for the better, would be a very true statement!

Efraim has founded and co-founded lots of medical companies like Fidelity Medical, Inc. a company dealing with numerous types of computer-based medical technology. In addition to starting the company, he served as chairman, President, and CEO from 1978 to 1992.


Talking about education, Mr. Efraim Landa is very much educated with several degrees from highly and much respected institutions. He first earned himself a Bachelor’s in Science Engineering and Computer Sciences from the Technion institute of Technology. Immediately after this undergraduate degree, he pursued and obtained a Master’s Degree in Science and Electrical Engineering as well as Computer Sciences from the Polytechnic institute of Brooklyn. As a result of this technical education, Mr. Landa was able to use this engineering knowledge to create numerous high-tech medical instruments that have been used greatly in the medical industry.

TWorking Life

Mr. Efraim Landa has been involved in numerous noteworthy businesses, from the medical industry to the technological field, he has also been able to establish various companies that have brought great impact to the entire human race, these include but not limited to the following:

TEffi Enterprises

Efraim Landa founded Effi Enterprises in 1992 and he has served as the company’s president ever since. During this time, Mr. Landa was already having great success as an entrepreneur himself and he decided to focus some of his attention and resources towards helping other entrepreneurs develop their ideas and grow their own companies. For him to do this, he founded Efraim Enterprises, which offers different funding options to startups such as private equity funding, business divestitures, and initial public offerings. Through working closely with newly started businesses and exploring every possible funding options, Mr. Landa and Effi Enterprises assist in finding the perfect capital solution for every individual business small and large. Without this capital and attention to finding the best solutions, several businesses would find it difficult to impossible to get going and will definitely struggle with all the problems that plagues an unfounded startup.  Efraim makes starting up a business, getting it going and hopefully succeeding in the end, a much more possible achievement than without his help.

Efraim Landa and Effi Enterprises offer much more than just money to the businesses they decide to invest in. Mr. Landa personally has many years of experience both as an entrepreneur and investor and this allows him to see the bigger picture from the two sides of the coin. Any business that gets investment from Effi Enterprises benefits from his vast experience by receiving hands-on executive management guidance and financial advice right from the start to the very end. His experience will do a great deal to determine the success of businesses because it takes more than capital alone to really get a business up and running, it also takes life experience, knowledge, making mistakes and learning from them and much more.  Thankfully if you are a business, you won’t have to learn all of these facets on your own, you will learn them from someone with much more experience than you have on hand right now.

TGlucoVista Inc.

Efraim co-founded GlucoVista LLC in 2007 and presently serving as the CEO and Chairman for the company. This company has engineers based in Fairfield, New Jersey, and Israel as well. GlucoVista is constantly putting various measures in place to develop non-invasive techniques of managing and treating diabetes in order to assist those with the disease treat their conditions very easily and more efficiently. While so many patents are still pending and more already in progress, GlucoVista has experienced great success with its mission of advancing diabetes care through technological advancement. One of the major developments of this company is the invention of a non-invasive glucose meter. This development has been a major breakthrough for those with diabetes. After GlucoVista created this device, engineers then focused efforts on making the device much smaller and easier to handle. In 2010 GlucoVista introduced a unit that was palm-sized, this was really a major improvement. Research and testing of its devices are carried out in two of the most prominent hospitals in Israel.

Before Efraim Landa got involved with non-invasive, hand-held glucose meters, he was working on the imaging systems that are used for the provision of specialized images for cardiac patients. Because of his work in this area, major improvements came about in the ways medical facilities manage and archive their patients’ cardiac images and improve the way in which cardiologists are able to provide efficient care for patients.

In conclusion, Efraim Landa is truly exceptional when it comes to experience and success.

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