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Is Private Equity Investing Bad for The Economy?

Private Equity Investing

Private Equity Investing

Whether Private Equity investing has a positive effect or a negative effect on the economy is a big topic of debate right now. There are many who can point out all the positives that occur in the economic structure due to private equity; and there are others who can offer examples of ways the economy has been harmed because of this type of investing.

Positive Effects of Private Equity

If you are working at a very disorganized company which is looking at going belly up, having a private equity firm come in and save it may just save your job. For those whose jobs are saved it certainly looks like a good impact on at least the local economy. Many also suppose that companies which are run privately will perform better than those which are publically owned; largely due to the higher level of accountability which is required. When a Private Equity group or firm invests in a company they will sit on the board as a general rule to ensure that the company upholds a high ethical standard. Many officials cannot let some things slide by when your investors are sitting on the board watching every move.

When a private equity firm invests in a company it is usually one in which they already have a high level of expertise and experience in handling. They are more likely to be able to bring in consultants which can enhance the business and help it be more productive or efficient. They have a vested interest and want a good return for themselves as well as their shareholders. These are also long-term investment teams such as those at Effi Enterprises. They are in it for the long haul and are determined to gain long term profitability. The type of patience required can help them stay with a company for 4 or 5 years or longer until there are higher returns in sight. Private Equity can be very good for every size investor.

Negative Effects

When greed gets involved, Private Equity can get ugly. Many times a private equity firm can be bad for a company especially if they try to urge the company to incur much debt. This can be disastrous for an already struggling company. Handling funds this way can be very risky especially for smaller companies.

Another negative effect a private equity firm can have is if they lay of lots of workers trying to make the company more efficient. This does not happen a lot – but it does happen and it yields a negative effect on the economy. And if there are negative effects you will likely never hear about it unless there is something that goes terribly wrong. Private companies do not have to share financial reports; public companies do and must remain very transparent.

Private Equity is said to have created a group of super wealthy people. And the troubling part to many is that they do not pay taxes on this income like most of us do. This is because when money is made through investing you get a much lower tax rate called long term capital gains. A lot of times managers are paid by being allotted a certain percentage from set profits. Since their income comes from a type of interest it is considered investment monies; and therefore taxed at the lower rates.

What do you think?

Is private equity hard on the economy? It seems it works with a small or struggling business to help them become more established and this can be a great boost to the economy and save many jobs. Whether or not it is bad for a particular company may be determined by the firm’s perspective and procedures for improving the company they are investing in. But saving a company and keeping it afloat in a troubled economy is certainly a good thing for all persons involved.

What is Private Equity Financing?

Private Equity Financing

Private Equity Financing

Private equity financing is where funds are made available to private companies over the long term. This can be accredited investors or institutional investors which are providing funds to a company which is either struggling or it can be in the form of a buy-out. Generally it is to help generate finances for a growing company which otherwise does not have enough profit to pursue expansions and growth on their own. These funds can provide the financial stability that a company needs to have while they are developing and progressing in the business world. Many times private equity firms, such as Effi Enterprises, come together to fund a leveraged buyout. (LBO) Through this type of funding companies can make larger purchases that might not otherwise be possible. The private equity firms then provide support to help improve the company’s financial circumstances in the hope that the company can be resold to another firm or be cashed out through an IPO.

Effi Enterprises is a consulting business which offers private equity financing to companies which are involved in the development and implementation of high tech medical equipment. They are a private equity firm which provides financing for emerging businesses in this particular business sector. Different firms may participate in particular types of companies and they specialize in helping increase the company’s valuation by assisting in the managerial aspects of the company. Effi Enterprises and other such businesses which provide private equity financing help a company refocus strategies, reduce cost structures, and strengthen the company’s leadership. Sometimes these strategies may mean that some parts of the company are sold off so that other parts can thrive. Firms such as Effi Enterprises can provide financial backing through private equity financing and business expertise to help ensure the company’s growth and success.

A real-life example of how private equity financing works is the Warner Music Group. The music label was purchased by a group of private investors. They purchased the company for $2.6 billion. Through much planning and managerial changes they corporately made operational cuts and just about one year later the company was able to go public and its market cap was over $3 billion. The interaction increased the company’s valuation as well as provided the private equity investors a decent return.

One thing to remember about private equity financing options is that it is not always meant to be a quick fix. It is a way to provide financial stability for a length of time. The contributors function in a managerial capacity which offers the companies a wealth of business expertise. One of the areas that companies such as Effi Enterprises provide when engaged in private equity financing is hands-on managerial experience and leadership. They can bring many useful business and marketing strategies to the table which can help increase the valuation of the company as well as provide funding for expansion and growth. They can offer advice on divestiture strategies and prepare financial projections and direction for the company. While the funding provided in private equity financing is beneficial to the establishment and growth of a company the business expertise from interested investors can be invaluable.