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VC Market in the Middle East

Middle East Banking

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Venture capital firms are spreading out across the globe as entrepreneurship makes a place for itself in today’s technology based world. Effi Enterprises is a VC firm which provides money to companies that have a good potential for exponential growth. Usually, these companies are innovative and cutting edge and are expected to go public within 10 years. There are more VC firms which are looking at the international community with an eagerness to fund those enterprises that they feel are going to take off. They will typically invest large amount of money in a startup or emerging business for exchange of equity in the company. This can be a huge boost to any economy and help increase employment opportunities in various communities. The Middle East is one of the regions that are being closely watched by VC firms who anticipate astronomical growth in the near future. Read the rest of this entry

VC market in Europe

Flag of Europe

Flag of Europe

Effi Enterprises is a venture capital firm that was founded by Efraim Landa. Over the years, venture capital has gotten a bad rap because its purpose is largely misunderstood. In simplest terms, VC is a type of funding which involves venture capital firms, like Effi Enterprises, investing large sums of money in exchange for equity in the company. As a general rule, venture capital firms look specifically for start-up or emerging companies which have an exceptionally large potential for growth. The plan is usually that the company should be able to go from inception to an IPO in 10 years or less. While there are very large risk factors and there are many which have failed, some of the more common names of companies that were funded by a venture capital firm include Apple, Facebook and Google. An entrepreneur has an idea, starts a business and simply needs the capital that can be provided by a VC firm. Read the rest of this entry