VC Market in Scandinavia

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Nordic flags

An emerging business usually needs two things: funding and knowledge. Efraim Landa established the venture capital firm, Effi enterprises in order to provide both mentorship and funding to start-up businesses. A VC firm will provide the funding that is needed to help firmly establish a business in exchange for equity in the company. The typical goal is that a business should be able to go from its inception to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) within about 10 years. Usually, it will mature in approximately 6 or 7 years. The VC firm provides the funds needed as well as the expertise to help establish the business until it is ready to make an IPO; or until it is acquired by another business for a profit. The venture capital firm will work closely with the business to ensure that it has adequate funding and expertise in order to become successful. This investment is made by a VC firm will provide the necessary funding and knowledge in exchange for a percentage of the business’ profits. Continue reading “VC Market in Scandinavia”

VC Market in Singapore


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Efraim Landa is a venture capitalist who understands fully the challenges faced by an entrepreneur or a start-up business who is attempting to secure funding. A venture capital firm such as Effi Enterprises provides an investment into the business which is intended to provide the finances needed for the business to grow. VC firms are a type of high risk investment but they also have potential returns that are way above average. The venture capital firm invests finances into the emerging business in exchange for a return after the business becomes profitable. When a VC firm invests funds into a business, the goal is that within 10 years the company should be able to move from its inception to an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In most cases, an entrepreneur comes up with an ingenious idea, begins a business to market it and then enlists the help of a VC firm that can fund the business until it is profitable. Continue reading “VC Market in Singapore”

VC Market in South Africa

Flag of South Africa
Flag of South Africa

The goal of a venture capital firm like Effi Enterprises is to provide start-up funding for a new business. This type of short term investment is made by a VC firm in exchange for profits that the company is expected to generate at a later date. Generally, a company will either go public with an IPO, or sell out for a large profit and the investor will obtain a return on their investment which helped the business succeed. Each region around the globe has their own unique set of challenges as well as advantages. South Africa is just beginning to gain from VC funding and it is just now beginning to take shape. Continue reading “VC Market in South Africa”

Successful Companies that Got Started with Venture Capital

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When a business starts up, usually the largest challenged that the founders will face is securing funding to keep it going long enough to get it off to a great start financially. Effi Enterprises is a venture capital firm which helps supply entrepreneurs and emerging businesses with the funds needed to reach the next level of growth. A venture capitalist invests into an emerging company by purchasing part of the company. This is a relatively short term investment in a company with the expectation that the company will grow enough to bring in a sizeable return. Efraim Landa, who is an entrepreneur himself, invests venture capital into a start up business expecting that the company will experience this growth inside 10 years. There are many different businesses that use funding provided by a venture capital firm to help them reach a great level of success. Continue reading “Successful Companies that Got Started with Venture Capital”

VC Market in Brazil

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Venture Capital Firms like Effi Enterprises have long existed inside and outside the US. As the global market is expanding and undeveloped countries are beginning to enter the technological age, investment opportunities are opening up around the world. As an entrepreneur, Efraim Landa understands the need for capital to help an emerging business get off the ground, or make expansions. VC firms have been watching the global economy in search of regions that were previously not conducive to investment opportunities and waiting patiently for them to open up. Sometimes venture capital firms are hampered by high interest rates or various regulations that make VC funding impossible or unprofitable. However, Brazil has the 6th leading economy in the world and is quickly becoming an ideal location in which to invest. Continue reading “VC Market in Brazil”

VC Market in Africa

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Venture capital firms desire to invest in startup or emerging companies which have the potential of making a large profit. The VC firm will offer a substantial investment in the company and in return they will have equity. Efraim Landa is a venture capitalist who will work hand in hand with a company and offer his expertise to them so that they can experience more growth and profits. The goal of a VC firm is to bring valuation to a company until the company is able to make its initial public offering. (IPO) These practices have been in operation for many decades and have in recent years begun to stretch out across markets in regions around the world. Many underdeveloped regions have made huge strides in progress over the last few years and Africa is among them. Continue reading “VC Market in Africa”

VC Market in Asia

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Efraim Landa is the founder of Effi Enterprises which is a venture capital firm. Effi enterprises helps emerging businesses find valuation and provides experienced guidance along the way. Like most venture capital firms, they are looking for strong entrepreneurship which they can support and help add value to until the company can go public with its offering. Effi Enterprises has a good deal of success especially when comparing it to other venture capital firms. One reason for their success is Efraim Landa is an entrepreneur himself and can offer skillful guidance to others who struggle with the same startup issues he has in the past. Asia is one area that has been opening up to VC funding over the last few years and there are more VC firms in the region than ever before. Continue reading “VC Market in Asia”

VC Market in North America


North America
North America

Venture capital firms are becoming more numerous around the globe. The VC industry is seeing growth because of the many startup businesses and entrepreneurs continue to spawn innovative ideas but lack funding to proceed. A VC firm such as Effi Enterprises, founded by Efraim Landa, offers the capital funding needed for a growing business. This is often a substantial amount of money that is invested in the company which has an above normal potential for growth in exchange for equity in the company. The general idea behind venture capital firms offering capital for companies is that they will be able to have an IPO within the next 10 years. Innovative thinking and entrepreneurship can be a huge economic boost to a region and has been key to many successful businesses in North America. Continue reading “VC Market in North America”

VC Market in South America


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Efraim Landa is the founder of Effi Enterprises which is one example of the many venture capital firms in existence today. Effi Enterprises works closely with emerging businesses to help them secure funding for growth or improvement. They also offer venture capital opportunities to businesses that develop technologically advanced health care equipment. Efraim Landa is an entrepreneur and understands the obstacles and difficulties faced by those needing funding to startup or expand their business. Venture capital firms have been in existence for a very long time and are presently having more of a global impact. VC in South America has drawn from other regions of the world such as the US and Europe. Continue reading “VC Market in South America”

VC Market in South East Asia

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There is no region in the world that has not experienced the influence of venture capital firms. One reason for this trend is that the VC firm likes to invest in various technologies and as its use continues to grow in popularity around the globe, it opens up more opportunities for VC firms like Effi Enterprises to invest. A VC firm will invest in a company that they feel has great potential and is likely to experience enormous growth. The idea is to fund the startup business to help it grow, and see it through to its IPO. This type of substantial investment is typically done by a VC firm in exchange for equity in the company. Until recently, South East Asia did not have the type of growth expected from a VC firm. But with recent technological advancements the region has become wide open to venture capital firms. Continue reading “VC Market in South East Asia”